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Your Accounting Department 



 Our company is growing and we are hiring Bookkeepers for Junior and Senior positions. 

JUNIOR POSITIONS - This is a unique opportunity for those with limited to no experience. 

Qualified candidates will face a three-stage interview process:

(1) Go through an initial interview. 

(2) Attend an in-house practical bookkeeping course free of charge. Duration of the course is 3 hours.  

(3) Upon completion of the course, you will go to the final in-person interview, at which point your position will be determined. 

Please visit our website, review the Courses page, and apply with your resume through our Contact page.

Please note that you will be required to provide supporting documents of your bookkeeping certificate from a certified educational institution. Or, if you are still in school, supporting documents of your current educational enrollment. 

 Best of luck to all applicants!