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YAD Academy

YAD Academy offers a comprehensive Practical Bookkeeping and Financial Administration program, designed to equip students with hands-on accounting experience and workplace-ready skills.

The YAD Academy Practical Bookkeeping and Financial Administration program focuses on providing students with practical skills in business accounting and office operations. The program is designed for international students who have completed an Accounting program from a Canadian secondary institution, are looking for practical experience in the field, and possess a good command of the English language. With a program duration of 10 weeks, students can anticipate salaries ranging from C$30K to C$50K. The curriculum highlights include personalized, one-on-one support, competency-based learning, and hands-on practical exercises.


The program consists of two parts: (1) Practical Bookkeeping Express and (2) Practical Bookkeeping Advanced, with the latter offering job placement possibilities that could contribute to Canadian permanent residency requirements.

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Program Objective

Program Objective

YAD Academy's program is specifically tailored to international students seeking practical accounting experience necessary for securing employment that supports their Permanent Residency application in Canada, effectively narrowing the gap between academic knowledge and the professional competencies sought by the industry.

About YAD Academy

YAD Academy is committed to fostering the next generation of professionals in Canada, concentrating on enhancing the accounting profession and solidifying the nation's economic framework. The program is carefully crafted to align with Ontario's educational standards and industry needs, providing international students with the knowledge and experience crucial for their professional journey and the pursuit of Permanent Residency. Through this synergy of education and practical application, YAD Academy aims to be a cornerstone in the collaboration between the industry and academic institutions.

Practical Bookkeeping and Financial Administration Program

Method of Delivery

In-class, in-person. Small groups of up to 5 persons.

Personal Attributes Required

  • Average to above-average communication and thinking skills

  • Average to above-average organizational skills

  • Good numeracy and personal management skills

  • Critical thinking

  • Ability to meet deadlines

  • Reliable

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Managing accounts receivable and accounts payable processes.

  • Performing bank reconciliations and financial transactions.

  • Administering payroll functions and maintaining employee records.

  • Preparing and filing tax documents such as HST, EHT, and WSIB.

  • Crafting accurate financial statements and reports.

  • Analyzing cash flow statements and financial forecasts.

  • Utilizing QuickBooks for managing customer, vendor, and banking records.

  • Applying Excel tools for efficient bookkeeping tasks.

  • Implementing cost accounting strategies and budget management.

  • Preparing for year-end financial activities and audits.

Upon Successful Completion

  • Skills that enhance job readiness and employability.

  • An updated professional resume.

  • A basic proficiency in Windows operating systems.

  • An intermediate proficiency in Microsoft Word for word processing tasks.

  • An intermediate proficiency in Microsoft Excel for spreadsheet management.

  • A YAD Academy Certificate to signify mastery of the course material.

  • A QuickBooks Online Certificate, confirming competency in this essential accounting software.

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