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TIP #3 - Choosing Affordable Bookkeeping Software - QBO

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This article is about our partnership with Intuit and QuickBooks, or QBO, to help you understand how you can save cost on your accounting software.

Right now, Intuit is offering 60% off their services for 3 months. Looking at their EasyStart package, you can pay $8 per month instead of $20. Or if looking at their Plus package, you can pay $20 per month, instead of $50 per month, for the next 3 months.

If you subscribe to YAD Monthly Service package, you can save 90% on your QBO investment for the next 6 months! So you will get access to the Plus package for less than the cost of a StarterPackage - $5 instead of $8. And the promotion doesn’t end after 6 months – you will not have to pay $50 per month after the 6 months are over. Because you will be a YAD client, you will be eligible for discounted rates.

This promotional offer that we have through our partnership with Intuit, comes with a free QBO setup with a minimal subscription to our Bronze Package:


 Setup of your Chart of Accounts

 Setup of your Product and Services

 Setup of your Clients

 Setup of your Vendors

 Setup of your Letter Templates that you send to your clients

 Setup and customization of all Reports that you need to manage your business – like customized Profit and Loss.

 Setup of all Employees and Payroll

What are your bookkeeping needs?

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